Exposition Nous, les fleuves

We, the Rivers

Temporary exhibition

From 21 October 2022 to 27 August 2023

Sail down a river

We, the rivers, we shape the landscapes and fertilise the land. We are essential sources of life, cradles of great civilisations, and most of humanity depends on our waters.

The exhibition invites you to follow the course of an imaginary river. Along the way, you will acquaint yourself with the mystery of our springs, the colours of our confluences, the strength of our flows and, finally, the ecological and geopolitical issues involved in our estuaries and deltas.

An immersive scenography, canoes, aquatic animals, mythological characters, artworks and documentary films, will plunge you into kingdom of river waters.

Infos pratiques

Fermeture exceptionnelle de l'exposition Origines, les récits du monde jusqu'au 14 octobre inclus.

Le parcours permanent