Our collections

Les collections du musée des Confluences
The Musée des Confluences' collections feature nearly 3.5 artefacts and specimens in the fields of natural science, human science, and science and technology.

They have built up over a long period, across nearly five centuries. Today, the collections continue to expand thanks to donations, purchases, bequests, and in-the-field collections. But the majority of new additions are from gifts. To promote these contributions by donors over the centuries, a new permanent space, the Galerie Émile-Guimet, opened on the museum’s mezzanine in 2021.

To expand and better document its collections but also protect intangible heritage, the museum organises field missions. For instance, as part of a partnership with a number of Moroccan scientific institutions, entomological collection campaigns are organised every year. Since 2018, the museum has also organised a series of collection campaigns in the Amazon rainforest to update and add to its collection of Amazonian artefacts and further our knowledge of traditional know-how.

Every year, the museum welcomes a number of French and foreign researchers. It also works with other organisations on joint research projects. These projects help to further knowledge and raise awareness of the museum’s collections. A number of artefact loans and touring exhibitions organised by the museum teams also contribute to a wider recognition of the collection.