Les archives
The Musée des Confluences' archives are a major documentary asset.

Featuring both public and private archives, these collections are extremely varied: correspondence, drawings, logs, photographs, audio recordings, etc. The range of media also requires different storage standards.

The public archives are produced or received by the Musée des Confluences in conjunction with its missions. They bear witness to the museum's history and are closely linked to artefacts in the collections (entry logs, catalogues, acquisition records, restoration reports, scientific studies, etc.) and all the museum’s activities (exhibition records, programmes, annual surveys, events, etc.).

The private collections mainly made their way to the museum with artefacts that were added to the collections. These archives feature documents (collection logs, inventory lists, notes, sketches, photographs, etc.) accompanying and documenting the items.


The archives can be accessed by appointment. Access remains dependent on storage status and location, filing of records, and meeting of submission deadlines.

If you want to access the archive collections, please write to archives[at] specifying your contact details and the purpose of your research.

Infos pratiques

Dimanche 14 juillet, le musée sera ouvert de 10h30 à 18h30.