Students – researchers

Student or researcher? The museum’s teams welcome you by appointment if you want to study the collections or look up documentary resources.

Centre Louis-Lortet

The Centre Louis-Lortet serves the dual purpose of conserving and sharing knowledge. It houses the museum’s reserves in accordance with international preventive conservation standards and features, among other resources, rooms to quarantine and disinfect collections using either cold or anoxia.

Every year, more than 400 students and scientists are welcomed by the museum’s teams. So the Centre acts as a genuine working tool for French and foreign researchers. Connected to the reserves are 4 lookup rooms housing all the equipment needed for research (lookup tables, binocular magnifying glasses including one linked up to take photographs using image recombination software, microscopes, measuring devices, Wi-Fi, access to the collection database, etc.)

The Centre also has a moulding workshop: it is used to create reproductions sent to researchers, make backup copies of unique items, or even provide educators with facsimiles for the public to touch.

Professionals welcomed by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00
13A, rue Bancel
69007 Lyon
T. (+33)4 28 38 25 50
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Admission is free for students under 26 years old. You will be asked for valid proof of identity at the ticket check point.