Épidémies, prendre soin du vivant


caring for living things

Temporary exhibition

From 12 April 2024 to 16 February 2025

How have we responded to epidemics during the past thousands of years?

Plague, smallpox, cholera, the 1918 flu, AIDS and – most recently – Covid-19 … For thousands of years, epidemics have had an impact on human societies and other animal species.

As a historical investigation, Epidemics. Caring for living things looks back on these life-changing events that have occurred across all continents.
Through medical and ethnographic collections, natural history specimens and contemporary works, the exhibition demonstrates that epidemics are a social as well as a biological phenomenon. It also reveals the extent to which human health, animal health and environmental health are inextricably linked.

An exhibition by the Musée des Confluences based on an original concept from the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington


Oswaldo Cruz dans son laboratoire du Castelo de Manguinhos, 1910. Photographie. Rio de Janeiro, Casa de Oswaldo Cru